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At Patchitt Joinery We Have Been Specialising In Completely Solid Hardwood Garage Doors And Gates In Nottingham And Gate Manufacture In Nottingham For Over Half A Century.

We take pride in every made to measure Garage Doors And Gates Nottingham and set of gates we produce using only the very best hardwood available. Our bespoke doors are British manufactured at our factory in Nottingham. Here we source all our timber from sustainable environmental sources, then go from plank to product through the utilisation of our state of the art machinery. Our craftsman use traditional techniques that have been tried and tested for hundreds of years to ensure maximum durability and quality in everything they produce.

At Patchitt Joinery, no matter what hardwood garage door in Nottingham or whatever style you need in a gate in Nottingham, you get ruggedness, durability and a quality product to be proud of.

Of course having a garage door or gate built in Nottingham, there is always how you secure it, you don’t want just anyone walking in do you. So when considering security we can also help, and you can choose from a variety of locking, but at the same time we would advise a British standard mortise and deadlock. These locks have been tried and tested for centuries and have stood the test of time.

No matter what the style is you choose, even curved top doors and gates are not a problem for us. We have industry leading state of the art CNC equipment (Computer Numerical Control) which is precise and that makes light work of curved rails ensuring its perfect every time.

We also provide a high quality spray finishing service whether it be a pigmented stain treatment or a high performance paint system. Your garage door or gates whatever style you pick will last for years and still look good. At Patchitt Joinery building outstanding garage doors Nottingham and of course gates Nottingham, we stand out as the leading company producing the finest quality garage doors and gates Nottingham, UK today and of course you can be sure at the same time that your garage doors and gates are made from sustainable environmental sources. We are the manufacturer of choice and one that you can trust.

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