Internal Doors

High-quality internal doors for your home - Patchitt services

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At Patchitt Joinery We Have Been Specialising In Solid Internal Door Manufacture In Nottingham For Over Half A Century.

A vast majority of Internal Doors fitted today are off the shelf solid core veneered doors. This is a cheaper alternative to a solid timber bespoke door. Whichever option you require we can help. We have the facilities to manufacture bespoke doors and also alter and customise off the shelf doors. For example cutting glass apertures into the Internal Doors Nottingham.

When it comes to frames you have a number of different options available from solid timber to off the shelf veneered linings. These can be supplied in kit form, pre-assembled and you can also choose to have the door pre-hung. This means chopping the hinges and latch into the door and frame. This takes much of the skill out of the door fitting process. It also allows the frame to be set up perfectly to the Internal Doors in Nottingham without any planing or sanding.

We can provide a high quality spray finishing service whether it be a lacquer or paint finish you require.