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Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space All Year Round, Whether Enjoying Barbeques Or Just Relaxing With Our Timber Frame And Porch Construction in Nottingham

We take great pride in every made to measure Timber Frame And Porch Construction in Nottingham. We produce using only the very best hardwood available. Our conservatories & porches are all British manufactured at our factory in Nottingham where they go from environmentally sourced timber to product. The traditional techniques our craftsmen use combined over many years, with the utilisation of state of the art machinery that ensures unrivalled quality. That’s what makes Patchitt Joinery the very best in the UK today.

Roofing construction can usually be dictated by the intended use of the structure.

Timer roofing is strong and sturdy, and we use the usual tiles on the roof.

On the other hand, Glass can be used to increase natural light within, or you can go for a more traditional slate or cedar shingle.

All of our porches again are made from sturdy hardwood timber to any style you wish, whether a small or large porch complete with roofing, all still using environmentally sustainable timber.

You can be assured whichever you choose from our timber frame and porch construction in Nottingham, quality will be paramount from Patchitt Joinery which is why we are the best in the UK today.

When it comes to finishing options green oak can be left untreated due to its superior weathering characteristics. Although oil can be used to enhance and preserve the timber's colour on both of our products. Give us a call to discuss your requirements or even visit us to see how we can achieve your dream.

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